COVID-19 Protocol

Walnut Ridge
COVID Protocol
May, 2021
Subject to Revision

For the safety of our customers and our team, we have developed the following protocol for dealing with our limited opening. With experience, we may adjust aspects of our protocol and we welcome your feedback.

  • Bottles of wine, a limited selection of wine by the glass, and food plates to share.
    Curbside Pickup,
    Patio seating only. Please note, we’ve reverted to our open seating model.
  • Maximum party size 6 people for outside seating
  • Masks required in Tasting Room. To minimize contact and interactions, please have no more than 2 people from your party place orders at the bar in the tasting room and we’ll process your payment.  We give you your wine and glasses and deliver your food to your table.
  • Please bus your own tables to one of our busing stations, again to minimize contact and interactions.
  • Please stay home if you are unwell or have had contact with someone COVID-19 positive within last 14 days.
  • Please maintain at least 6 feet of separation from all people outside your party.
  • Please wear a mask when not seated at your table.
  • Please remain at your table to the extent practical and avoid mingling with other parties.
  • Children are welcome but must remain at your table and be always supervised.
  • Pets must be on leashes, remain at your table and be always supervised.
  • Our team will be wearing masks and will follow strict hand washing and sanitization guidelines.

thanks for your cooperation.